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Exercise Green Flag
RAF Coningsby
Monday 2nd September 2013
Wednesday 4th September 2013

These photos are linked directly from Flickr, Click on an image to see a high resolution version.

RAF Typhoon RSAF Typhoon - 310 RSAF Tornado - 8312 Puma HC2 - ZA340 Both 41Sqn Special Tail Tonkas together RSAF Typhoon - 322 41 Sqn Special Tail Tornados return. RSAF Tornado - 7512 41Sqn Typhoon ZJ930 dips his wing to us on departure. Flame on! RSAF Tornado - 7512 RSAF Typhoon - 322 RAF Tornado A very mixed bunch... 4 aircraft in one shot (yes there are 4) RSAF Typhoon - 312 A mixed RSAF/RAF pair of Typhoons return. The ramp at night. A pair of RSAF Typhoons line up with a 3Sqn Typhoon RSAF Tornado - 8312 Returning from a sortie.