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What a Kracker!
Andy Evans and John Featherstone report back from Kemble Air Day 2008, held on Sunday 15th June 2008.

Kemble, home of Ultimate High and the famous Delta Jets has been of late been under the threat of closure thanks to a few locals and planning law. At the time this was still ongoing however, this threat has now thankfully passed.

At the time the success of this show was more important than ever. Kemble has a history of providing a unique show that is a festival of military and fast jet action whilst maintaining a crowd side flight line mixed with some special static aircraft. Kemble is home to a number of none flying aircraft such as Bucaneers and Canberras which are opened up to take part in the show.

The show has always been a favourite with the enthusiast due to its rolling runway, wooded background and extremely close display line. FOr the past three years this has been bolstered by the presence of the UKAR photographers enclosure sponsored by Air Illustrated which attracts some of the countries top photographers, and the author! The enclosure also plays host to aircrew who are always made more than welcome.

Kemble is the spiritual home of the Red Arrows and when they come to town the sense of occasion is not lost on both the show, the crowd and the Reds. From the formation taxi manouvers to the autographs and crowd line walk, the organisors have worked with the Reds to give the crowd as a whole of what it means to be a Red Arrow.

2008 saw the full support of the RAF and the Army Air Corps for the show. With the full display lineup including the role demonstration packing full pyrotechnics! The RAF provided what was considered the two best acts of the day. On static was a 99 Squadron C-17 which departed at the end of the flying display in spectacular style, blowing a cloud of grass cuttings into the crowd! The star of the day was the Typhoon demo which provided the best and closest to the crowd display this author had ever seen of the Typhoon!

Of course, the local team were not to be outdone and launched the Delta Jet fleet; including the Hunter Pair, a display only seen at Kemble and an annual tradition It is of course, the displays of Delta Jets that have made this airshow so popular in the past.

 2009's event of two days of flying is highly anticipated. As is the prospect of a fourth year of the UKAR enclosure. Well anticipated by this photographer anyway!

The authors wish to thank Kemble Air Day and UK Airshow Review (UKAR) for the photographic opportunities provided. If you would like to learn more about Kemble Air Day, visit their website. UKAR can be found at www.airshows.co.uk including a very active forum! More photo's from this event can be found in the Gallery.









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