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2010 Preview
What can you expect this year? Let evansaviography preview its event line-up for 2010!
By Andy Evans and John Featherstone.


2010 is an election year hear in the UK, the decisions that will be made in May will have repercussions for the British military and therefore airshows regardless who is in power for 2011 and the future. It is therefore important that the aircraft enthusiast makes the most of 2010 to ensure that they remember the good times in the bad.

Here are evansaviography.co.uk, this is the case and 2010 is looking to be something very very special!

In 2010, we plan to bring you more articles than we ever have since the site went live in 2008, ranging from photocall events to full airshows and maybe that little exclusive along the way. This has not always been possible due to the author undertaking a Masters degree, however this has now finished and there is more time to devote to the world of military aviation! At the same time, the extensive image galleries will be regularly updated with stunning images from the world of the enthusiast.

The 2010 reports season at evansaviography will kick off with the Abingdon Air and Country Fayre. This show always brings a welcome and relaxed start to the airshow season where it is easy to get back into the swing of things. This years show will see the debut of an international flying participant at Abingdon and what a debut! The Royal Netherlands Air Force will be sending their F-16 solo display to the show, the first afterburning display at Abingdon since the final Jaguar display in 2007.

Soon afterwards, we will be at the Coningsby Aircraft Enthusiasts day and will bring a full report on events. The airshow season will then get in to full swing with articles from both Waddington, RIAT and any other airshow event Andy Evans or John Featherstone visit.

Our year will then hopefully end with a series of very very special reports with a new twist. We cannot say anymore about this right now as everything is still in the planning stages but rest assured, should everything work out, we all will be happy!

Of course, their will be regular visits to airfields around the UK and as always, any photography visit will be quickly followed by a gallery update!

Whilst Andy Evans and John Featherstone will try his very best to bring all this to fruition, they are only Human. If you would like to submit an article or a techniques guide for the website, please feel free to email andy@evansaviography.co.uk.

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