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2012 Preview
What can you expect this year? Let evansaviography preview its event line-up for 2012!
By Andy Evans.


It's been a long time coming but 2012 and its Olympics are here! Not only is this an Olympic year but it is also a Farnborough year which (usually) means a large number of rare and often exciting aircraft visiting the UK. The Olympics will also be making their presence known by forcing many major shows to bunch together prior to them kicking off. It is going to be a very busy June and July here at Andy Evans Aviation Photography.

Now more than ever, evansaviography.co.uk is hoping to make 2012 very spcial.

In 20102, we plan to bring you more articles than we ever have since the site went live, ranging from photocall/nightshoots events to full airshows and maybe that little exclusive along the way. At the same time, the extensive image galleries will be regularly updated with stunning images from the world of the enthusiast.

The 2012 season at evansaviography will soon kick off whilst we get in practice ready for the airshow season. As per usually we will be at Waddington and RIAT covering all the ins and outs. In addition, we intend to spend as much time as we can at Farnborough bringing a new "trade" twist to the website.

Soon afterwards, we will be once again packing our bags and heading across the Atlantic to the Lone Star State to bring you, the reader some unique photography and reports to blow your socks off!

2012 does however have a sad note. We were all surprised and saddened by the news that Kemble will no longer be hosting the Cotswold Airshow. This event has been an annual gathering for enthusiasts and in the past has attracted some very rare items to an airfield that made everyone welcome. A massive thank you has to go out to UKAR and their team for their annual enclosure that made the show that bit more fun!

Until our first 2012 gallery/report we hope you all stay safe and enjoy this hobby of ours!

Whilst Andy Evans will try his very best to bring all this to fruition, they are only Human. If you would like to submit an article or a techniques guide for the website, please feel free to email andy@evansaviography.co.uk.

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