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How to process newer
 DSLR Raw images without
 upgrading to the latest

By John Featherstone

It is a regular story on many photography forums on the internet, be it from an American or a German. An established photographer with DSLR equipment that uses Adobe Photoshop decides to upgrade their equipment. To their horror when they go to post process their RAW images, their older version of Photoshop is not compatible!

This is because Adobe regularly have to update their 'Camera RAW' plug-in for Photoshop whenever a new camera is released so that it is able to read the RAW file data. An easy fix? No.

If a new version of Photoshop has been launched since you have last updated you 'Camera RAW' then you are in trouble. Adobe only produce updates of the plug-in that a bespoke to the current version of Photoshop! This leaves photographers with a choice; they can either spend the money on upgrading what is a perfectly fine piece of software or switch to a potentially inferior piece of software.

However, there is a way around this and it is provided by Adobe themselves! Adobe have their own RAW file format called DNG which stands for Digital Negative. This can be read by older versions of Photoshop and have full RAW functionality.

Adobe provides conversion software on their website which will batch convert your RAW files into DNG format files which will allow you to process your photo's normally. The good news is that this conversion software is free!

Spend hundreds of pounds on a new piece of software or download this free conversion software? It may add a little time to post processing but I know which I would choose!

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