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Quick and Easy Sensor Cleaning

By Andrew Evans

One of the main issues that effects the modern aviation photographer is that of a dirty sensor. No matter how fancy anti-dust systems are, there comes a time when your sensor is going to need a clean!

In the view of evansaviography, there will never be a substitute to submitting your DSLR for a professional clean/service by a specialist or manufacturer. It is wise to get this done in the closed season annually. When all has been and gone, you cannot perform this hobby without  your camer. It is imperitive that you can trust this to work no matter what less you miss that shot of a lifetime! A car is serviced once a year, so why not your camera?

During the season from time-to-time dirt will effect your shots and even if you have a dust-off system camera; it may not fix the problem. There are a large number of different techniques and methods out there that can be used to self-clean the sensor. However, after tring a number of these techniques myself, I have found that the quickest and lowest risk system is Dust-Aid. Its a very quick and simple sticky-pad system thats small enough to carry around in your kit bag. The current evansaviography time for an effective clean of the sensor using Dust-Aid is 20 seconds flat with no chance of hazing or swirling!

Of course, it is down to the individual user to chose a cleaning system that suits them and their camera best and evansaviography cannot officially endorse a product. However, its our product of choice and would certainly recommend a look at it when you consider your next sensor cleaning purchase.

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